You have questions, so do I.

Glad you are here!

Hi Champ, I’m Omowunmi ;a young and curious lady who’s passionate about young people!

Welcome to my blog.☺ A safe place you can call a home ,where questions are answered, solutions and Divine insights are provided for the Journey ahead _ the Journey of Becoming and Evolving.

I have come to realize that there are a lot of activities, trends , opportunities , relationships , to mention a few , that are clamoring for our attention _ some even go as far as contending with our identity!

With all of these, Do you think we can discern a difference between what looks or sounds right , and the one that is, truly ? How do we distinguish between the good and the best?

Why was this Blog created?

This blog was created out of the compassion I have for young people. It was created to solve the problems young minds like me battle with.

What makes different?

This blog’s distinctive feature is the fact that the articles, stories, and posts are are full of practical wisdom and insights that will throw a beam of light on your path.

Whatever you find here will surely resonate with you because they aren’t from a narrow point of view_ they are things that will widen your perspective. (Check the menu dropdown to get started and stay connected with other young minds.)

This blog was created with the PURPOSE to help you strip off every weight that slows you down, so that you can RUN with endurance the RACE that has been set before you, ( see Hebrews 12:1).

Right now, I need you to pluck up your courage for transformation and growth. It’s time to get closer to your Heavenly Father, be who He has called you to BE and ready to shine your LIGHT.

I strongly believe that we can change the world together. No dreams of ours are invalid. The world eagerly waits for our manifestations as sons and daughters of God. It’s time to remove every impediment. Together, we can LIGHT the world, can’t we?

Your curiosity and desire for GROWTH brought you here, stay connected!