Procrastination is one of the factors that oppose the success and achievement of a goal. You might have probably seen many people who aren’t successful today or people who have been struggling to achieve a goal. The thing is these people wish they achieved the goals but one of the things lacked by them is focus. And their lack of focus was what led to the elimination and procrastination of certain steps that would have led to the achievement of their goals.
Procrastination is the postponement of a task without tangible reasons by an individual. It is also the avoidance of a task that needs to be done by a certain deadline. The best way to avoid procrastination is by identifying its causes and taking action(s) immediately. The causes of procrastination can be linked to many factors some of which are:.

1.Imperfections: Most people procrastinate because they want perfection. They disregard anything less of perfections as unacceptable and are not willing to make any little mistake. The fact is this, you don’t need to be perfect before you accomplish a goal. Diligence and consistency are what matters the most when it comes to the achievement of a goal. You will keep procrastinating if you want to perfect your voice, driving skills or whatever it is that you wish to perfect. Perfectionism is detrimental. It does nothing but to kill the confidence and boldness you need to carry things out, it limits your ability to grow.
2.Distractions: When you are surrounded by distractions, you get carried away and get lost in your distracting factors like social media, friends, skype, or anything that isn’t in alignment with your goal. Then the thought of ” I can do it later” creeps in, there’s nothing like “later” in the dictionary of go-getters.Distractions are almost unavoidable, it takes a lot of focus to overcome them.
3.Lack of energy: You tend to procrastinate when you relax too much or when you lack the energy needed for the accomplishment of certain tasks. This lethargy may be due to the fact that you’ve spent energy on irrelevant things, maybe you were involved in some arguments or discussions with that aren’t in alignment with your objectives which drained almost all the energy needed by you to accomplish greater things that are in line with your objectives

4.Having too many Goals: Having many tasks/goals in your to-do list leads to complications which later leads to procrastination.when you have several big goals unattended, it becomes frustrating and looks impossible. Don’t you know that goals are easily achieved when they are divided into smaller pieces?

5.multitasking: multitasking isn’t for tend to procrastinate when you swallow more than you can chew. You have to be plain with yourself and ask yourself if you can really multitask if you can find, but if you can’t, don’t force yourself to do what you can’t so you don’t end up in a flimsy situation and at the end of the day, you have no other choice than to procrastinate.
6.Poor time management: you procrastinate when you think there’s time. The truth is there will never be time if you keep thinking that way. The best way to achieve your goals is by buying ruthless with time. Don’t waste your time on anything.
7.Cluelessness: people procrastinate most times because they have no idea on how to start a process. You don’t always have a massive idea on how to start, you can start with the smallest step(no step is small but you understand my point right) before advancing to the bigger steps, once you start well, you can always finish well if you are determined.
8.Unrealistic goals: people procrastinate when they set unrealistic goals. An example of an unrealistic goal is you dreaming to win an academic scholarship when you neither attend classes nor read… who does that?
9.lack of self-motivation: people procrastinate when they lack self-motivation, they seek motivation elsewhere instead of seeking it within. Don’t tell me that you’ve forgotten that You are your biggest motivation.

Having mentioned the factors that cause procrastination. How can you now put a halt to procrastination? I want you to know that it takes clarity, discipline, and determination to curb procrastination. To bring a halt to procrastination:

•Write out what you want to achieve in clear terms and brainstorm practical ways to achieve them
• You must be sure of what you really want to achieve and go for it.
• You must be willing to learn from your mistakes and try not to avoid them.
•Replace perfectionism with diligence and consistency
•Avoid distractions as much as you can. people can be distractions too!
• stay focused, know what you want, and aim to get it.
•Be ruthless with your time, wake up as early as you can and avoid people or things that waste your time remember time waits for no one.

•Know the time that you are most productive and work(without any distraction) whether you feel like or not!
• Eat healthily and rest well so you can have enough energy to carry out your proposed tasks.
•Have sub-goals instead of big goals that are too complicated. Sub goals are lesser goals that are part of greater goals. Goals are easily achieved when they are subdivided.
• practice the 30- minutes rule, I.e you dedicate 30 minutes of your time every day to a particular goal maybe you needed to read a big book. You can apply the 30 minutes rule for the easy read.
•Do what you are capable of doing at a particular time, don’t do what you can’t.
•Have people who motivate you and you should also be an inspiration to yourself.
•Be accountable
•Know what distracts you and learn how to prevent or avoid them.
•Give yourself a treat or a gift whenever you accomplish a goa

Food for thought: Do you want to reap the fruits of procrastination or the fruits of commitment?… The choice is yours. If you achieve your goal or not, the same time would still be spent by you.

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