“Master your mind; master your life!”

It’s surprising to know that despite the large number of people on the earth, only two kinds of mindsets exist. These mindsets are:

  1. The GROWTH Mindset: People with this kind of mindset have ‘mastered’ the mystery of the mind, they see beyond the present, don’t get limited by their environment, are resilient, have in-depth knowledge and clearer picture of life. They also love trying new things and have great imaginative skills.
  2. The FIXED Mindset: People with this kind of mindset cannot really see beyond the present, are not resilient and have quite a limited view of life. They assign blame to the nation and other people around them. They also tend to give up at the glimpse of a challenge and never try new things i.e they have trite imaginative skills.

Why the difference? Or better still, what makes the difference? Between the poor and the rich, Between the resilient and the grumbler, Between the “eclectic-minded” and the “narrow-minded”?

‘Reading is the way out of ignorance and the road to achievement”- Ben Carson

I’d like to assume that the story of Ben Carson isn’t novel to us; How he moved from having a ‘bleak future’ to one that now wields influence globally, how he changed positions from the dullest kid in his class(and one of the poorest kids in his neighborhood ) to a record-breaking neurosurgeon, how there was a great SHIFT in his mind(from a victim mindset to victor mindset)…
Wait a minute…What made Ben carson believe that he could achieve whatever things he set his mind on? What caused these great transformations to happen in his life?


Dr. Ben Carson was lucky to be raised by a tenacious and wise mother who worked with rich(and influential )people, observed their lifestyle, and gained insights into what makes them different from the “average” people, which was their: EXPANDED MINDSET and IN-DEPTH KNOWLEDGE in their areas of specialization and life in general!

She observed that these rich people she worked with never took knowledge and information(from reliable sources ) for granted and as busy as they were, they never allowed a day to pass by without them learning something new and/or exercising their minds through the act of READING: a simple but effective “mind exercise” which positively affected these people in the way they think, act, react and behave.
Ben’s mum didn’t just gain these insights without acting on them (since wisdom is when you apply insights you’ve gained to things), she did a good job by transferring these insights to her son. Guess what? Ben did a better job by taking these insights to heart and making them a part of him. There was a great MIND-SHIFT for Ben the moment he mastered the art of reading and acknowledged the importance of IN-DEPTH KNOWLEDGE.

Would there have been a Ben Carson, if he didn’t unveil this mystery(of reading )?

Apart from the apparent fact that reading: enhances your cognitive ability, gives you a better and clearer view of life(and creatures in it ), makes you tap into people’s secrets without knowing or seeing them and prevents you from making the same mistakes people you look up to have made in the past, it also expands your vocabulary, makes you developed psychologically, emotionally and mentally, increases your focus and concentration, makes you a better listener and improves your imaginative and creative ability. We would notice that reading also helps to prevent some problems.

If we take a close look at some, if not most, of the problems people in our society or even the world at large face, (problems like poor health care, poverty, poor financial intelligence and management, poor academic performance by students, some infections, victims mindset )we would observe that these problems are caused mainly a lack of knowledge(or in-depth knowledge ).
I mean, what would one say about a mother who can read(but refuses to due to laziness ) but gave her child an overdose of medicine because she didn’t pay close attention to the prescription? What would one say about students who keep blaming spiritual forces, the school system, and anything ‘blamable’ for their poor academic performances even when they haven’t studied their books thoroughly? What would one say about people who keep getting poorer because they haven’t mastered financial intelligence? Huh?? Don’t get it twisted, it’s not being said that knowledge provides all solution to life’s problems. I’m only highlighting the fact that some problems could be avoided or prevented by potent of knowledge and action
The Bible says; “my people perish for lack of KNOWLEDGE”- Hosea 4;6a.
The truth is; if we don’t acquire the habit of reading and gaining knowledge about things or people around us, we would keep encountering problems, problems that could have been easily avoided!

“If we have knowledge that other people don’t readily have, somebody needs us. It doesn’t matter what we look like or where we are from”.

No matter what you do(or who you are), maybe you are a palm wine tapper, a teacher, a student, a baker, a cook, a makeup artist, a business consultant, or even a tailor, you need elusive knowledge- one that isn’t just found anywhere.
Do you know the funniest thing?
Some of this “elusive knowledge” is found in books! So what are you waiting for? Why don’t you dare to be different? Why don’t you want to go deeper than normal?

I think the reason people don’t find Reading fascinating (and worth-their-while)is because they can’t really relate with or visualize what they are reading. If you are one of the people in this category, don’t feel vilified or sad because you don’t find reading interesting. I don’t think anybody(including me) found reading interesting at their first attempt.
Working out for the first time could be very hard, if not burdensome for a beginner but with further attempts, he/she starts enjoying the process. Same thing applies to reading. It could be hard for a particular person before they get used to it and start to find it very productive and fascinating!🥰

Below are some simple but effective clues that would make reading fun:

• Start with books(or biographies ) of people you look up to, people who inspire you in one way or the other.
• Dump the idea of trying to read for long hours at a stretch if you haven’t been reading for short hours consistently.
• Read books that pique your interest. I’m convinced you have things you like (one of them maybe money 😉)
• Read in a serene environment and remove all distractions- it could be people or music.
• Do not read when you are hungry! A hungry man is an angry man. You might end up getting angry at the book or author for no reason.
• Don’t read when you are tired; your mind needs to be at its peak for easier concentration and focus.
• Make it fun; use a colorful highlighter to underscore points or lessons learnt.
• Begin with a right attitude- the willingness to learn something new.
• Make sure you use a dictionary. Trust me, you are sure to discover new words. What’s the point of reading if you can’t understand the writer’s mind?
• Have accountability partner(s)
• Have reading partners(not gisting partners please!)
• Know what works with you

One last thing… (Please listen!)

As you read other books; don’t forget to continually give yourself wholly to the Word of God[the Bible], so that your profiting may appear to all(1 timothy 4:15). The Bible has all the answers to the unanswered questions flying in the air, it’s the only book that you can’t finish reading, its the only book that reads and corrects you so that you can live a good life, it’s the only book that reveals the thoughts and blessings of God to you as you read it with an opened heart- not because you want to argue or preach.
As you read the Bible out of volition, not compulsion, your Mind gets renewed and God develops the best-formed maturity in you(Romans 12:2) and it helps you recognize doctrines that are not of Christ. The reason some people have given up on God and have lost interest in the things of God is that they haven’t taken time to study the Bible with an open mind. (I was once engaged in a web of confusing questions and doubts about God. I almost gave up on Him but I thank God I didn’t. How did I come out of this blindfolding web of unbelief? By praying, trusting God to be God and by my consistent study of the Bible- trusting the Holy Spirit to breathe on me!)
Some have even been misled by people they trust just because they haven’t taken time to know the thoughts of God(through His Word-the Bible). And they keep getting tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine.
So… Dear reader(or friend 😉)… As you read other books and gain insights, don’t forget to gain Fresh insights from the Word of God. As you read other books to grow PSYCHOLOGICALLY, EMOTIONALLY AND MENTALLY, don’t forget to feed on the milk of God’s word, so that you will also grow SPIRITUALLY(1 Peter 2:2)


Don’t just read books to”fulfill all righteousness”. When you read books, write what you’ve learnt and the insights you’ve gained in your jotter.
Don’t make the mistake of trusting your brain to retain the insights you’ve gained! Don’t you know that information tends to be scattered in your brain when you are in a fix? But the good news is that information can’t be scattered in a written format, if kept (or handled)properly!
It’s a good thing to read, its a better thing to understand what you are reading but the best thing to do is to think upon, reflect and act upon what you’ve read, for your benefit and people around you.
Remember; KNOWLEDGE without USAGE is GARBAGE!

You need to take the COURAGE, EFFORT AND TIME to find out who you really are because you are worth discovering!: “Another important reality is that unless we make an attempt to learn all that we can, we may never find out whether the matter at hand is something in which we have significant talent” -Ben Carson(😁)

” The truth of the matter is that you are worth discovering.
Nobody can do it for you, and nobody will make you do it, but
everybody benefits from it.” Mich Todd

One of the most long-lasting and highly profitable things you can do for yourself is to invest in yourself(and reading or buying books isn’t left out) . There are free ebooks you could download online. You could also download Anybooks(an app on play store where you could download thousands of books of any genre )

oops! I almost forgot to add this :Your MIND is a very powerful tool – out of it flows the issues of life(proverbs 4:23) and you have to take heed of the information you allow into this your invaluable(and precious) tool by taking heed of what you hear also.

Kindly drop (in the comments section ) your questions, thoughts, lessons, etc. on how books have helped you. Send an email to [email protected] if you need my top 3 books on PURPOSE, HEARING THE VOICE OF GOD, and RELATIONSHIP GOALS for FREE!!!


  1. “Books” are great pieces and “study” is the mechanism to access the power they carry.
    Thanks for the enlightening!
    More insights.

  2. Wow..Awesome write up. Thank you for taking your time to make up this. It is really impactful. I read your write up on time management and it made me crave for your other write ups and I must say, I have not wasted my time. Keep thriving ma!

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