Do you get anxious, restless, unhappy, dismal, or troubled when you aren’t with your phone?
Nomophobia. – The fear of being without a phone.

Nomophobia has made a lot of people lose their relationships, businesses, friendships, ideas, manifestations, academic excellence, self-esteem, mental growth, to mention a few. Researchers are faced with intellectual tussle on whether or not to call Nomophobia a disorder, an addiction or both.
For the course of this write up I’ll tag it as one of the greatest and insensitive addictions people are struggling with.

One of the factors – if not the main – that stimulates Nomophobia.
Social media has made people(youths especially) unnecessarily busy, there’s so much bants to talk about, clouts to chase, pictures to like and post, groups and networks to create to mention a few.

The average youth wakes up to check what’s going on every social media app s/he has on the phone, lives by impractical and self-destructive quotes, tweets every and anything that comes to head whether positive or not.
Smartphones have become so idolized that a beautiful and glorious morning is no longer appreciated, the users tend to be unaware of the people surrounding them, they get so engrossed that they forget to thank their Maker. It’s so sad that people are – social media – active during a sermon in the church. Quite pathetic!
Don’t you know that you have a very high chance of missing the word of God (which turns things around miraculously)? You might have been praying for this change for a very long time and might miss this great manifestation because of a message on WhatsApp that can be attended to later.

You may feel some messages are urgent but they aren’t. If all messages were urgent, how then did those in the ’90s cope? Millions of ideas that would have resulted in the great change of the nation or person(s) have vapourised into the thin air because attention was diverted to smartphones and gadgets instead of the ideas that struck these phone addicts’ minds. Imagine the time you spend on your phone chitchatting or being involved in fake busy activities are converted to meditation, sleep, researches or things that would make you better, you would surely not be in the same stage as before. Your time is very invaluable, make the best use of it. The Bible emphasizes the importance of time in the book of Ephesians chapter five verses sixteen. It goes thus; Make the most of every opportunity for doing good in these evil days. [NLT]. Someone here might be wondering if smartphone usage is bad. No, it isn’t, smartphones are very productive tools, the usage only becomes bad when used excessively for needless things that make you unaligned with purpose or makes you lose priority. Researches say “When cell phones become an obsession, the behavior becomes stressful”.

Studies have shown that:
• There are differences in equal to gender in terms of phone addiction. Women are more likely to spend more time on their mobile phones chatting or reading while men tend to surf the net and watching videos and movies.
• Nomophobia is common among youths than adults.
• nomophobia has a negative impact on communication skills and listening skills.
• Nomophobia leads to finance mismanagement(data bundles especially)
• Nomophobia can lead to low self-esteem or the fear of missing out.
• Nomophobia is one of the causes of bad habits such as gambling, online sex, pornography, masturbation, cybercrime…
• Nomophobia leads to sleep deprivation.
• phone addicts place more value on social media than productivity. • phone-zone areas are likened to nonsmoking areas and make addicts feel stigmatized.
•Phone addicts may experience phantom vibration syndrome. This is a recent case study that is still going on.

Phantom vibration syndrome is a case where people (phone addicts especially) feel their phones vibrating when it isn’t actually. Overcoming phone addiction looks like an unthinkable task because phone addicts think they can’t live without their phones, they must stay connected 24/7, they don’t have physical friends, they have online friends only, they are always bored and they think the only way to get out of boredom is to make use of the phone. Nomophobia is a habit that was built over time, it will also take some time(depending on how determined you are ) to overcome it. To overcome nomophobia, you have to:

  1. Know what triggers the urge to be with a phone: Is it boredom? , depression? , loneliness? Whatever the case is, figure it out and try as much as possible to prevent the triggers.
  2. Talk to people who are matured enough: If you’ve tried your best to resist the temptations that come with being with a phone 24/7 and you’ve failed countless times, the best thing to do is to talk to someone mature enough or someone who you think has been in your shoes before. It would help you.
  3. Be actively or passively involved in extracurricular activities like basketball, reading club, football, chess e.t.c pick your area of interest!
  4. Know what you want! If you know what you want and you desire success so bad, the addiction would be broken in no time.
  5. Don’t restrict yourself too bad to the extent of not picking important calls, checking vital information or chatting with your loved ones. It’s a gradual process, you can’t stop a habit that was built over weeks in a day.
  6. Constantly remind yourself that you have a seed of greatness deposited in you and phone addiction may distract you from growing this seed. Romans 8:19: For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.
  7. Uninstall some social media applications.
  8. Practice the habit of having a pen and biro beside your bed before sleeping instead of a phone. So you won’t be tempted to press your phone once ideas come.
  9. Talk to God about it. Yes, talk to Him about it. He said it in His word in the book of first Peter chapter one verses seven: “cast all your cares upon me for I care about you”. So feel free to talk to your Father about it.

we all have the tendency of getting addicted to our smartphones but it’s the level of focus and discipline that bridges the gap between someone who’s addicted and someone who isn’t. Having read all of these, knowing isn’t enough you have to take the right action now and don’t procrastinate. Remember the longer you take to do something, the higher the chances of inaction(break the addiction now!). You have a purpose to fulfill here on earth, you have a dream, don’t allow your mobile phone to distract you from reaching the peak.

Even the phone is fulfilling its purpose, don’t you think it’s high time you started fulfilling yours?


26 Replies to “NOMOPHOBIA”

  1. Nice write-up
    This is what is killing this generation.
    It has become rampant that people can’t do without their phone
    They spend 90% of their time on phone…….
    Thank you for the solutions given, they are helpful……keep it up ma’am.

    1. Dear Annisa, you’ve decided to call the writer a boomer for saying the truth? The truth is: phone usage isn’t bad at all as far it’s used for the right things(researchings, blogging, updates, businesses, connections with friends and family, to mention a few). It becomes terrible only if it’s allowed to substitute one’s productivity or creativity. The usage also becomes bad when it defines one’s emotions. Phone usage isn’t bad! Without a phone or connection… How would one even survive in this global world?

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