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It was so much that I couldn’t even relate well with people I was meeting for the first time…

You might be wondering what that was?

Well… One of the major challenges I struggled with during my early years in the university was a huge insufficiency of self esteem. I couldn’t relate with most of my classmates then, because I didn’t feel good about myself or appreciate myself enough in any regard.

There were so many reasons why this was the case, I lost my dad years before I gained admission and because of that, I consistently organized pity party for myself and by myself, which crippled every ounce of self confidence I could have in myself. I waited at home for more than 4 years, coupled with an extra 1 year for a pre-degree program before gaining admission, so by the time I resumed classes as a student, I was older than most of my friends, this made me feel so sorry for myself. I had most of the time just one black skirt to wear to class, and as a Law student, we had to appear in a black skirt and a white shirt everyday.At some point, I was sure people could identify me in the midst of a crowd by my skirt and even my shoe.I remember severally, I had to go without food, engage in a compulsory fast because there was nothing to eat.

For a Long time, I struggled to accept the call of God upon my life, because I just couldn’t see any reason why God will plan such great future for me, considering my present situation and where I was coming from. Eventually, the Holy Spirit started directing me and teaching me better what to do and how to address this crippling enigma. One day, I prayed in tears so much and I asked God for help and he did send help. Every thing changed in an instant, maybe not as grand as I wanted, but I was comfortable, and to tell you the truth, It got better.

This is one major thing about a low self esteem, you constantly feel sorry about yourself which gives you a reason to continually look down on yourself. Another thing about a low self esteem is that it takes your sight off the beautiful picture of the future God is creating for you, you loose your joy, you are always in a sour mood and hence you don’t even attract the people that really matter in your life.
At this point, you might be tempted to ask if the voices of “You are not enough” kept haunting me.

Of course… they did! But I continually countered it with the Revelation of God’s word and his plans for me. Looking back now, I wish I had pay attention to the things of God and his leadings.I wish I had been more free on relating with people and making friends although I did much later.

The thing is, don’t ever look down on yourself because of your background or circumstances, God has great plans for you.You are loved!

Damilola Olufemi is currently a student at the Nigerian Law School. She is the President of Truth Ministries International and the Founder of Damilola Olufemi Foundation. She is passionate about transforming lives through the teaching of God’s word and writing.

You can contact her though this number: 08102062872 (whatsapp only, please)

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  1. Hmm
    I learnt something again “viewing yourself lowly attracts same people (you lose your joy………… and you don’t attract people that really matters in your life)”

    I can relate to this sentence

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