Have you ever wanted to meet people of like minds?

People who you can grow stronger with?


You(th)matter_ is a community of young Christians who come together to rub minds, openly and honestly discuss issues that are a major concern to them with the main aim to tap from each other’s experiences and pot of wisdom.

Under the course of three months, the youths @youth matter have successfully rubbed minds on over 20 Topics ranging from Christianity, sex, faith, productivity, relationship, purpose, time management, to mention a few…

And every member experienced either an advancement, transformation, paradigm shift, in different areas of their lives

@ Youthmatter, we also have an episode tagged Questions and answers Wednesday where every member is expected to anonymously tell their story or ask personal or general questions bothering them( or the people around them) with the purpose of getting the right answers without getting judges, made jest of or looked down upon… We also have several fun-fill activities that foster bond between the members.

Below are a few out of the myriad of testimonials we’ve gotten from the members:

It’s helping me to move closer to God. The Channel has been divinely created by God through you, don’t give up on this, continue please🙏 _Ayo

• *Well, it has helped me to be closer to God and also clear some doubts I was having. It has helped me to gain more insight into purposeful living

• *Wow. Seeing youths like me so serious is encouraging, and spurs me not to relent, or start doing something.. A healthy challenge *

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Youth matter( TELEGRAM) https://t.me/YouthMatter

Membership is totally free!

We can’t wait to have you in our midst, let’s grow stronger together