What can we say about self-development?

Self-development is an intentional act of taking bold steps to become better. It’s a decision made by a person to improve on his\herself. It requires a lot of commitment, sacrifices, isolation, unison, and pain sometimes.

Self-development is one of the greatest decisions you can make for yourself. It shows that you are ready for a great change and you don’t want to be a baby again in the presence of Great people. Before I proceed, do you want to develop to oppress people? or develop to feel “feel fly”? if your answer is “yes” I’m sorry to say that means you aren’t ready for a great change! A person who is ready to develop doesn’t compete; a person’s part 5 might be your part1 probably because you are creating a greater change and digging a better foundation or the person might have taken huge steps (failure inclusive ) some of which you do not know about.

What are the characters necessary for self-development?

  1. Humility: A person who is ready to develop must be humble, humility is very very important this word might sound like a cliche to you but it isn’t. Jesus humbled himself by dying on the cross for us and can you now see that He has taken all the Glory. when you are humble, great things happen and opportunities come to you. A humble goes faster in life and this makes the person well developed. God loves a humble soul. James 4:6… “God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble” can you now see that you need humility to grow because we all know God’s grace allows one to grow. permit me to say that: humility opens doors of opportunities. Don’t get it twisted, humility doesn’t have to do with age, position, or gender.
  2. Sacrifice: you have to be sacrificial, you eliminate things like parties, clubbing, social gatherings that don’t add value to your life, television programs that aren’t in line with your growth and development, social media (except you use it for some very tangible like researches, networking, business, studying and many other growth-stimulating factors), friends, cousins too!
    For the fact that a friend supports you doesn’t necessarily mean he\she is the best for your development process, take a close look at the devil people think he’s their friend because he supports them to do things that lead to their destruction without them knowing. Another practical example is a friend that talks too much or gossip too much or the one that supports you even when you are wrong.
    You have to unapologetically cut off friends that don’t engage in intellectual talks with you, motivate you to become better, correct you, and challenge you to do greater things. Great people love sacrifice(s).
  3. Doesn’t compete: A person ready for a self-development doesn’t compete. You don’t complete once you are sure of who you are and you know you are unique, competition can be very devaluing some times. we have healthy competitions too I know you might be wondering what that is, a healthy is the one in which you are happy about a person who seems better than you, instead of being in competition with the person you talk to God and ask Him for your purpose and you make God your yardstick. This makes you grow too.
  4. Sees failure as an opportunity to catapult forward: As someone ready to develop, you must learn to see failure as an opportunity to strive better and never allow failure to weigh you down! instead, learn from the experiences and improvise better ways of getting what you failed at. Failure is one of the packages that make you grow
  5. Loves unconditionally: A person ready for self-development loves everybody irrespective of tribe, religion, race i.e he/she loves people unconditionally, he/she isn’t given to emotional things. love is very important in the development process and anything you find yourself doing. A quick reference to the book of 1 John chapter four verses eight… “For anyone who doesn’t love doesn’t know God, for God is love”. Can you now see why God makes unending progress? He is inarguably the best-developed being because He is LOVE.love is very crucial for self-development
  6. Ready to be corrected: If you truly desire development you must surely desire corrections and advice es from people (be smart about the advice too). let me give you a practical example in my life: I live with my sister and her family, her husband is a disciplinarian each time he corrects me I think he dislikes me but now that I’ve worked on my self I’m glad I took to corrections. Be ready to accept correction, it helps a lot.
  7. Isolation: To develop, you must learn to have your “quiet Time”.you must learn how to meditate. There’s great power in silence, even the Holy Spirit talks to a quiet heart most times. To achieve this make sure you separate yourself from a set of people.
  8. Unity and partnership: partnership is very important, you need people to develop, you need a purposeful team where you share ideas and common goals. There’s great strength in unity.
  9. Accepts challenges: A person ready for a great development accepts challenges and multitasks.you tell yourself you can do it, you work towards it, you think outside the box, you must be super productive, never allow anybody to tell you you can’t, the only person that can stop you is you.
  10. Learn: You must be willing to learn at all times. you learn from anybody. Babies, adults, cleaners, the poor woman down the road, your maid(if you have one), your parents, teachers just be willing to learn. Just be hungry for wisdom ‍. Learn everywhere
  11. Time management: Time is money. Allocate your time to something productive and important, don’t waste your time being fake busy.
  12. Fun: you must create time for fun‍‍‍. your mental health needs to be taken care of.
  13. Healthy lifestyle: You need nutritious food to function well. Create time for workouts too.
  14. A healthy prayer life: This is the most important. when you talk to God you receive unusual power and wisdom to carry things out. 1peter 2 verses 2, Romans 8 verses 14.make sure you read the bible verses.
    I hope you’ve learned something, self-development is a gradual process and I want you to know that you can be your best version.

What have you been trying to develop? Is it your eating lifestyle? , character? reading skills? Communication skills? Computer skills? It isn’t late dear, you can still achieve all any of these no matter how many times you’ve failed, don’t quit because your last step might be your stepping stone

Take home cake: self-development has to be strongly desired, you don’t have what you don’t desire

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