The adventure has begun, hasn’t it? The anticipated moment is finally here. Wait a minute🤔… Don’t you think it’s advisable to start POWERFULLY ;Wouldn’t it be so nice to bring the best out of this journey? THE truth is; many people( including me) wished they knew the MAJOR mistakes made by freshmen (which was shared in part 1 of this post) and the hidden but POWERFUL tips that would be shared for free here😇 .

Please note that the tips won’t be given much explanation. It’s advisable you try your best possible to get the full image and understanding of the enumerated tips. You can summarise it in your own words, create goals from it and place it where you can see it the most.

• Know what you want to achieve.
• Expand your imaginations. It takes the same energy to dream big and think small, So dream big and think bigger. – Daymond John.
• Be disciplined. Anybody can dream big but not everybody can stay disciplined!
• Push yourself, you don’t know how far you can go.
•Take steps and decisions that would get you closer to your dream.
• Take all classes, notes, practicals, assignments, and instructions seriously. You don’t know the heart of the lecturer.
• Be open to corrections and instructions.
• Be ready to learn and willing to ask for help.
• Ask questions when necessary even if it sounds absurd. Don’t be shy to ask for help, it doesn’t mean that you are weak, oit only shows that you are wise and ready to get better1
• Write your goals clearly on a paper/note where you can see it constantly. (see proverbs7:3 and habbakuk2:2)
•Dress right.
• Eat right.
• Never compare yourself, anybody, we’ve got a different race to run, I guess that’s why we have different thumbprints.
• Build the right relationships.
• Be ready to let go of people who distract you or talk you down. Say NO to naysayers!
• Attend classes as much as you can and eliminate distractions as much as possible in or outside the classroom.
• Have the right attitude and mindset; never allow people imaginations limit your imagination
• Be organized as much as you can.
• Write good notes, learn to jot additional information also and pay full attention to the lecturer in the lecture room.
• Be humble and respect ALL men.
• Look good; keep your hair, teeth, shoes, and clothes neat. Wear perfumes also.
• Manage your time well.
• manage your finances well. You don’t have to buy everything you see or that is advertised to you; Have a budget(daily, weekly or monthly)
• Don’t allow anybody to tell you that you are doing or putting in too much. It’s not everybody that sees what you see- it’s your dream, not theirs!
• Don’t let the praises of a good result make you complacent. Remember, good is an enemy of best.
•Don’t allow your feelings or emotions to determine whether or not to the right thing.
• Don’t abuse your freedom! Make God and your parents/guardian/family including yourself proud.
• Be updated with the right information.
• Read the right book/material at the right time.
• Pay attention to the examples used in class.
•pay attention to your health.
• Be ready to help but be wise about it.
• Apply for scholarships.
• Read every day. Make reading part of you.
• Have a study group(max of 3)with other diligent students. No gusting and playing while studying.
• Study yourself and find out what works for you.
• Don’t walk alone in dark and isolated areas.
•report disturbing issues to the school authority
• Call your parents; make them feel loved and unforgotten.
• If you have a business that you are running. Balance work with academics; it can be a little bit hard but it’s possible. One shouldn’t make the other suffer.
• Dare to be different
• Set priorities right.
• Confess what you want to see in your life, even if it doesn’t seem like it; Don’t say what you don’t want to see!
• Get closer to God: You can’t survive without Him.
• Think ahead, plan ahead, act ahead and be ahead!

For you to know how important this journey is, different pieces of advice from stalites in Obafemi Awolowo University has been compiled below;

“Choose friends wisely, work with people who have the same vision as you. It is nice to try using other people’s style sometimes if it works for you. If not, find what works for you.
Help people any time you have the chance to, as long as it does not affect you. Learn how to manage your time effectively. Time to play, time to work…
Seek help when you need it. Don’t let pride eat you up.”- Soneye Saheed

“My most viable mistake as a freshman was disorganization, I worked really hard but I wasn’t working smart, I was binge reading all my courses but I didn’t take time to analyze the requirements of each one.” – F.olumide

“Put God first in everything u do…
Information is the key, you need to be informed…if u are not informed you will be don’t need to read everything all d time.You can’t do it all alone, you need to have people around you. Plan your time in a way that will suit you….avoid reading under pressure ..” – Adebayo M.O

“It’s very easy to feel lost in any place one finds oneself. At every point, being oneself is what I actually tried and it worked. I don’t have to paint the image of what I am not. This way, you addressed honorably.”- Anonymous

“I partially depended on my own understanding in my first semester, thinking I can do it all by myself, which was not so… It’s good to work with GOD and OTHERS, this really helped me in my second semester…” Anonymous

“It’s very easy to get discouraged from the reports people give on yellow house (maths and physics department) and white house(chemistry department) but you must not allow other people’s limitations or stories define yours. I know several people who had 80+ in these department courses. Trust me they aren’t the brightest students but they were the diligent, focused, determined and consistent ones. You can have a higher grade than they did if you choose to” Anonymous

“Actually, I entered O.A.U through pre-degree and I had a glimpse of how the school is during my pre-degree days. O.A.U is like a mind training school. Whatever it is that you were taught in your secondary school don’t ‘matter’ here anymore(those that did the pre-degree program would understand my point ). You have to behave like you don’t know by putting aside everything you learned in secondary school and listen to what the lecturer has to say so you can have a deep understanding.
There are a lot of time-wasting activities here. The university allows freedom as far as you don’t break the school rules and regulations.
Be careful of who you call your friends; put any relationship that would waste your time aside. Have a good study partner(two heads are better than one )
Finally, have a cordial relationship with God” – Akinyele Moyosore Mark

Conclusion: you might probably not have any of these in mind before which is quite okay. The good news is that it’s never too late to plan. The journey of the few years you have in this great school just began and it’s advisable you get it right now and lay a strong foundation you can build the remaining years on. In the coming years, It would be a great feeling if you back at how well you’ve used your time and opportunity in school to achieve tremendous results. Success is sweet but the process isn’t!
Reading this piece would only become useful if you take all that you learned to heart and act on them. Never stop dreaming. Be the LIGHT that you are and don’t allow anybody, anything or even your environment dim your LIGHT! I welcome y’all with love and joy into this great university.

God believes in you so much because, the Almighty knows what He has placed in you. It’s your duty to discover and make the best use of your gifts.

I believe in you so much even without seeing you. Guess what? I can’t wait to See you at the top!
Your friend,wunmi😇🤗

The last but not the least 🙈. Please share with your friends , family,coursemates,relatives. Thank you🤗🤗♥️♥️♥️

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