Tell me.

Have you ever been in a position where you badly want to smash your goals but ended up getting scared for no reason?

I mean… You’ve tried all the ” how to overcome fear” hacks that you know, watched motivational videos on fear, made positive self-affirmations, yet, YOU DON’T JUST SEEM TO UNDERSTAND WHY YOU CAN’T STEP OUT IN FAITH TO PURSUE WHAT YOU DESIRE TO ACHIEVE 🤦‍♀️

Anytime, you make an attempt or to pursue that dream _ or even think about it _ you experience an overwhelming presence of Mr. Fear!

“God, why?”, you think.

Maybe, you even tried to trace the root of this fear but ended up with less enthusiasm because you couldn’t FIGURE OUT “WHY”

I get you…

I once was in a similar shoe!

Some weeks ago, I experienced a level of fear that distorted my perspective and belief on overcoming fear.


I knew something was wrong but I couldn’t just trace the “thing”.

I tried starting “small” (mentally) but I threw in the towel almost immediately🤦🏾‍♀️

I couldn’t FOCUS on the other things at hand because the FEAR CRIPPLED MY MIND AND OBSCURE MY THINKING!

I’m quite familiar with the notion that; “You overcome fear by facing it and starting afraid” but this time around, the thought of beginning the project alone makes me cringe in fear!

Did I watch videos/read articles on how to overcome fear?

Yes, I later did…

But did this help?

Yes, to some extent BUT I WAS STILL STUCK!

I was stuck in fear until I tried to trace the reason for my “sudden” anxiety by asking myself a series of questions.

These questions led me to the main root of the fear (He who seeks, finds and I’m glad I took the courage to SEEK)

And this time around, the articles/videos made more sense because I’ve been able to look within. I found out that the reason I was scared was that I hadn’t gained enough knowledge of the project I needed to work on.

I became very confident after I took the time to research and study about what I wanted to do and trust me when I say I did execute the project adroitly and beyond my expectation.

Over to you!

I know you are familiar with the idea of starting afraid (which isn’t bad at all)


Doing it afraid without any sound knowledge(to some extent) of what you want to do increases the proclivity of failing and this might heighten the fear in your mind like never before!

What do you say about an examination candidate who is courageous a few minutes before the commencement of the exam and another who is cowering in fear?

Aren’t they going for the same “unknown” examination?

So, what makes the difference?

The truth is, the candidate who has read and acquired enough knowledge will be more courageous than the one who hasn’t!

Sometimes, the root of FEAR isn’t the FEAR of the unknown, but the FEAR of not knowing enough!

Too many times, we think courage and desire is all that is required to Execute _ we tend to ignore the significance of adequate knowledge acquisition.

Listen to me, Next time you are stuck due to fear; don’t be too quick to watch motivational videos/ play the “pity party” game. Instead, look within and gain the right knowledge!

Asides, gaining the right knowledge, you can also overcome fear by :

• Starting small but with a plan
• Eliminating the perfectionist mentality; you don’t have to have a full picture. ” Clarity comes in the course of doing”
• Working based on Faith and not by feelings. Emotions are fickle and if we always wait to “feel like” before we get anything done, we’ll never reach our full potential and BECOME who GOD wants us to be!

Ecclesiastes 11:4 _ He who observes the wind will not sow and he who regards the cloud will not reap.

Motivation is helpful but it mustn’t be overrated!

We don’t have to wait to be “in the mood” before we act 💯

Las, las, ” Fear is just an emotion. It is worrying about something that has the possibility to occur in the future” _ Arese Ugwu #thesmartmoneywoman

You can start afraid (Overcoming challenges/ fears increase your resilience and make you better).

But don’t be too quick to start afraid without a plan/ sound knowledge about what you intend to do.

Remember the illustration we gave earlier. It’s not the fear of the unknown but the fear of not knowing enough!



Still, scared to step out in Faith?

Commit those desires unto God’s hands.

Pray for the spirit of boldness and know that “God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” (2Tim.1.7)

See you soon ❤️

Your Friend and Truth Spiller, Wunmithegreat❤

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