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Before, we dive into today’s topic I’d love to know : how has the previous post affected the way you view your growth process and personal development as a whole?

Please tell me that you are at peace with knowing personal development could be a change that occurs within you and that you are not behind because your progress isn’t visible yet. I want to believe that as you strive for the best, you no longer measure activities as growth or beat yourself up when you aren’t doing “so much”.


Self-reflection and honest feedbacks come to play a key role in your growth process.
Growth becomes “easier” when you step back from the noise and gain clarity on what you want to improve on and why you want to improve.

CLARITY is key when it comes to “improving by 1%” (or whatever percentage you’ve chosen to improve by)and this doesn’t imply that you have to have a full grasp or understanding of what you want to do. Remember:” Clarity comes in the course of doing”.

 In the subsequent paragraphs, I would be sharing simple, yet, powerful ways you can experience growth as an individual. These insights are coined mostly from observations and personal experiences.

  1. Follow/surround yourself with people who look like they are where you desire to be: The importance of this can’t be overestimated!
"iron sharpeneth iron" 

I’ve seen many young people who follow/surround themselves with people who do the exact opposite of their heart’s desire.

You see, there’s no way you are going to achieve all that you are capable of achieving if your environment, especially the digital space isn’t in tandem with the growth or change you desire to experience in your life.

Let’s say, for example, that you desire that your public speaking career skyrockets but most of the people you are surrounded with or following (especially in the digital space) are people that post memes and jokes about every single thing, how are you going to be reminded of your goals and water your vision rightly?

I can vaguely count the number of times when a caption from an Instagram post reminded me of my dreams / taught me a better way of achieving my goals. There are also times when a word from a friend’s status brought comfort to my soul and helped me out of a fix _these seemingly little things, matter!!

I’ve enjoyed the importance of being intentional about my space (including the digital environment like Instagram ). I study these people and their works. Plus, I don’t only repost what they put up or say, I make sure I save them as I reflect on them.

Follow people who create values or inspire you to. 
E get why!
Also, I must state that, it’s important to follow/surround ourselves with people who are either below/on the same level as we are and are aspiring to do more, and people who look like they are currently living the Vision in our hearts. 

2. Don’t read every book/ attend every program/ enroll for all courses.
In as much as you desire to grow, evolve and explore, you need to be discerning!
Like I said earlier, there is a burgeoning of information and opportunities and if you aren’t careful, you will burn your time and energy on things that are good but not necessary and you might never GROW or you experience stunted growth.

The most productive set of people are those who focus their energy and time on things that give expression to their innermost being; things that reinforce the picture in their hearts.
The fact that “something” is good doesn’t mean that it is the best for you.
And as a caveat, don’t get fixed on one area of interest, be ready to explore “rightly”.
” Go wide before you go deep” _ John Obidi 
But, as you go wide, do not run without a definite goal; do not flail around like one beating the air [just shadow boxing]. ( See 1 Corinthians 9:26 AMP)
In the words of DDK, “your time and energy are not infinite”, it’s wise you Invest them in activities that you think will make you better and those that are in line with your current areas of interest.

3. Face your obstacles before asking for help:
This habit would make you more resilient and witty!

One thing that has helped me grow and become better at solving problems is the fact that I don’t gripe about issues that are affecting me.  Whenever I’m confronted with a problem or struggling to keep off an unhealthy habit like procrastination or lack of rest, I do something , like reading articles, podcasts, scriptures, books, or YouTube videos, to mention a few,  that addresses the issues I’m faced with as I make an attempt to solve them before I yelp for help. 
And in cases where It looks like the problems keep recurring or I’m unable to solve them to a level of satisfaction, I ask for Divine help (Rom.10.13 ” everyone who calls, “Help, God!’ gets help.” MSB)  and/or human help–especially from people who seem to have passed through what I’m currently facing.

Why this story?
I’ve noticed that many people have become so lazy to solve their major (or minor) concerns–they don’t even attempt or move an inch.
 All they want is someone or “hacks” that’d give them an instant solution (like a “quick fix” kind of thing).
And in cases where they don’t find the quick fix, they give up and pacify themselves with words like “this is God’s will for my life” or “I’ve tried my best”.
Oh, boi… How can you say “you’ve tried your best” when you are fighting a new battle with an old weapon?!
Wait a minute o , let’s reason this matter together: What do you say about someone who keeps getting disappointed with his/her inability to face crowds but has never for once taken the time to study materials or books that talk about overcoming fright on stage?
Just think about it.
You see, some people have faced some of the problems you are currently facing and they’ve decided to be of help by transferring their wisdom _ which you need _ through books, podcasts(or whatever medium they’ve chosen ) .
But the question is, are you willing to find? or you find it tasking to seek / drink wisdom from these people’s cup of experiences?

” And you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”

We should learn to Seek the truth (or Truth)  concerning those areas of our lives and take the necessary steps. If we don’t seek, we won’t find !!!

Remember, I’m not saying that you should not ask for help, I’m only insinuating that you shouldn’t be swift to seek a solution elsewhere when you haven’t made any attempt to solve it yourself.

4.Help people and solve problems: I know this seems counter intuitive especially in a world where everybody wants to be served (not breakfast, of course).

“How does helping people help me grow?”

Oh, yeah, baby! It sure does.

You see until you look beyond yourself; beyond your personal needs or issues; you might never explore other areas of potentials or be all that you were created to help. Interesting right?

Some of the beautiful things I’ve discovered about myself where unveiled when I had to help someone out of a problem. Guess what? Those were the times when I also needed help!

I do not mean to sound “old-school” or seem too serious but the truth is, we weren’t created for ourselves. Sometimes (if not most times ), it’s the desire to see impact people positively or see a change in other people’s lives that challenges us to change what we once thought was impossible and grow into people who will be capable of solving the problems that irk us in these people’s lives.

Oh, yes! I’m not oblivious of the fact that we all have things we face but here’s a word from a preacher I think you should consider: “Your battles shouldn’t stop you from making a difference in the lives of others” Pastor Olufukeji Ejimi

Imagine if Joseph was overwhelmed with the fact that his brother betrayed him and didn’t pay attention to the issues his fellow prisoners had? ( See Genesis 40:7)
He would have missed out greatly without even knowing what he missed!
Opportunities that we aren’t aware of that we missed are the ones that weigh most. ( Say after me: Thank you God for Your Grace. where I for be?… )

Keep on loving each other as brothers and sisters.  Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it! (Hebrews 13:1‮-‬2 NLT‬)

Let me put this here, I don’t just consume; I feed others too , most especially by paying attention to what irritates me and the problems around me (including cases where the people don’t know they have issues). And I try my best possible to provide solutions to them. Guess what? This single act has made me reach out to many people and at the same time made me discover “things” and potentials I never knew I had.

So Fam! Make it a habit of helping people, when you need to and when you can.
Many people are unaware of the favt that giving: emotional, financial, intellectual, or whatever kind of giving ( as far it’s not with an ulterior motive) has a huge impact on their growth process.

Here’s the caveat: Don’t help people just because you want to grow or “uncover”, let everything be done in Love.

5. Reflect on the knowledge gained and Journal your insights :

” Our life is a journey and that journey requires a journal”

Rick Warren (Author ,The Purpose-Driven life)

I’m sure that you know that life has this predictable habit of throwing curveballs at people and that challenges are inevitable (Right?).

In challenging times; times when you are under pressure and everything seems a bit disorganized, trust me, you’ll barely remember everything you’ve learnt and it would be a bit tedious recollecting or even putting to use the knowledge/insights gained. But if these insights have been written down or typed, (as the case may be ), then the utilization would be way easier.

Permit me to make this a bit personal:

I’ve made it a point of duty to Keep and reflect on what I learnt every single day! ( Some days, I don’t due to …)

From time to time, I ask myself a series of questions and I tell myself the truth even though self-told truth can be very bitter and difficult to admit. And this habit of reflection (what I call self-imposed seminar) has made me seen the areas I need to work on and the areas God is working on!! If I hadn’t been imposing a seminar on myself, I’d have gone off the track since!!!

If not for God.. I would have been building on the the wrong attitude , weaknesses and bad mindsets.

I make a journal of my thoughts and the things I learnt during the day in my physical and/or digital keep notes. (I chose keep notes because the app has many features like voice recording, drawing, pictures, and most importantly, it provides room for  backup and synchronization of notes) 

I also create a similar album of pictures, info or screenshots (my swipe files)

This keeps me accountable and more conscious of my values and goals.

What I’m basically saying is that as learning Isn’t enough, you have to inculcate the habit of relearning and reflecting on what you’ve learnt, make the necessary adjustments and save them for future reference.

Other ways YOU can grow:

•You have to know what you want, have an idea of/read about the little steps that would take you there and consistently carry out those steps
•You have to be humble enough to learn from people who have gone ahead
• You have to be passionate about learning and acquiring the right knowledge which could be from people (like mentorship and coaching, seminars, books, articles, courses, podcasts, to mention a few). I  used the term “right knowledge” because I’m not negligence of the fact that some people acquire knowledge to feel “fly” or  puffed up; they mostly read to prove an unnecessary point and don’t acquire the knowledge in tandem with the seasons of their lives.  
Don’t. Be. Like. Those. People.
There’s a little time to waste time on things that do not hone your skills/talents; things that won’t push you forward. 

• The ability to be flexible. One of the things 2020 taught me was flexibility. 
If things don’t go the way you planned or people don’t react/support you  the way you envisaged, how are you going to react?
Will you stay rigid and stuck?
Or you will re-innovate, re-plan and re-launch?
(The ball is in your court.)
• Be willing to accept criticisms.
Criticism can either be positive or negative depending on the kind of person dishing it out.
Since criticism, in some cases (not ALL), are pointers to where we need to work on
So fam, what matters the most is not how the message was dropped, but the wisdom in the form of a feedback stifled in the criticism

That’s it. They look easy, I agree.

You know, habits for growth don’t have to be complex.


I know that you might feel so pumped after reading this blog post, which isn’t bad at all. 

But I’d love you to know, in the words of a friend that ” life will come to test the resolutions you make”.

What will you do when you don’t feel like committing to becoming a better version of yourself?

What will keep you going if you don’t want to?

Personally, what keeps me going on the days (or time frames) when I’m just tired of “everything”; when life throws curveballs at me; is the reminder that dark seasons are normal, my emotions are fickle, I was planted here and gifted these gifts for a reason and of course, my Faith in Christ!!!!!

I’m leaving you with this thought from Mrs. Ibukun Awosika:

“Commitment to self-development no matter our status or station in life keeps us prepared for unplanned opportunities. Never stop learning or preparing for the future you seek.

I hope you found this helpful and insightful? Share your thoughts with me in the comment section.

Got questions (or not )? Feel free to connect with me on Instagram @ wunmithegreat. ❤💡

Looking forward to the transformation that’d occur in your life as you put all these into practice.

Cheers. 👑❤

Your friend, Wunmi.

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