When you think of personal development, what comes to your mind?…

Beyond the paparazzi hanging around this term and the plethora of to-dos or “hacks”, How can one truly grow?

Well… you might have heard or seen a lot of videos or resources that talk about what personal development is and as a result, might be tempted to think this will be a reiteration of what you’ve always known.
No dear, it isn’t! Together, we’d be looking at personal development from another angle and ways you can grow without getting involved in a myriad of activities.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Personal development consists of activities that develop a person’s capabilities and potential, build human capital, facilitate employability, and enhance quality of life and the realization of dreams and aspirations.

Most times when the word ” growth” is being mentioned, the image that gets impressed on the hearts of people are outward achievements like smashing of goals, snagging an award, getting an increase in their social media engagements, to mention a few _all of which aren’t bad. But.. is that all there is to growth?
You see, Personal development doesn’t necessarily have to be activities-centric, it could be a change that occurs within you.

I know that in this world where skills are burgeoning and it seems like a person with the highest number of activities or startups is the one growing the most, you might be tempted to pull your shoes and throw them at me for saying Personal development doesn’t necessarily have to be activities centric, it could be a change that occurs within you.

Let me chip this in…

I was once invited to speak to members of an online community, on this topic. After I’d interacted with them, it was fulfilling to see them detach from a wrong mindset and view things from a different perspective but I found it a bit intriguing to know that a good number of them: didn’t realize how much they’ve grown, were comparing their lives ( their level of growth, actually) with others and as a result , were unsatisfied with their lives.

The truth is, their inability to recognize their growth was anchored on the fact that they’ve been made to think growth is all about the numbers and the titles.

The things we can see and can measure are good ways to track our progress but we shouldn’t get carried away with the numbers and forget the “little things” that matter. We shouldn’t be soused in the thoughts of ” I’m growing because I can see so so so change ” _progress isn’t always visible and some aspects of growth can’t be measured.

Personal development could be a change in the way you react to things and people or see life; It could be how you lead yourself,  make decisions and manage your emotions; It could be how much you’ve limited limiting thoughts; It could be how much you’ve grown resilience; It could be how you see and solve problems; It could be betterment in your eating habits; it could be how you see and treat people; it could also be your reaction to success and failures 

Guess what? Most of the things mentioned above are the things that truly make a man! 

Too many times People tend to focus on the fruits too much and neglect the roots (Talk about why comparison is widespread and skills are built without characters) or lull themselves into thinking that they aren’t growing just because they (or the people they are surrounded with )can’t see an external change, yet.

I mean… Who goes to social media to celebrate a change about a better perception of life?

What I write below again, is not an attack on social media or public celebration of your wins. 
Instead, it’s an intention to shift your focus from activities. You should learn to normalize celebrating our internal changes!! The things people don’t get to know about you or see. I don’t want to sound deep but when life throws curveballs at you, what would save you / stand the test of time aren’t what you’ve accrued externally but what you’ve developed within.

At this point, I’d love to say that there are some times when growth can largely be measured by the outputs or results. A business owner, for example, measures growth by an increased profit and /or active customers. For a writer, it could be a betterment in the articulation of thoughts.

Now that we’ve made it clear that personal development isn’t restricted to the “doings”.

Why and How do you want to grow?

How do you measure growth and What would make you think you are growing? 
Beyond the titles and the hashtags, what gives you the deepest satisfaction and simultaneously solves the needs of others?

Catch me in my next blog post as I share with you elusive but effective ways you can GROW as an individual.

Cheers to a new level of growth, see you soon!

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